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The importance of good decisions:


What constitutes a good decision?

These apply particularly to urgent and emergency situations rather than strategic decisions where time pressure is minimal.
  1. Seeks to achieve the task (e.g. getting back to your car if lost) in a safe and effecient way.
  2. Is based on the current setting (e.g. lost, no compass) rather than the setting you wishe you were in.
  3. Is mindful of capacbilities and limits of all the individuals involved.
  4. Results in a feasible course of action (a decision "to use the GPS" when lost is no good if the batteries are flat).
The following are NOT markers of a good decision:
  1. A good outcome (this can occur foruitously, even if a bad decision has been made)
  2. Good intentions.
  3. The bes possible decision if it is made too late to be effected.

The DECIDE mnemonic


Presentation on decision making:
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external image pdf.png
decision making ssc.pdf

Decision making and problem solving
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decision making under stress
sources of power: how people make decisions (by Gary Klein, who described recognition primed decision making)