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This page covers cardiopulmonary resuscitation
ALWAYS - check safety of yourself and of the scene

Basic life support

Adult BLS algorithm

Adult BLS guidelines (2010)
Prehospital cardiac arrest (resus council UK)

Compression only CPR:

Paediatric BLS algorithm
Paediatric BLS guidelines (2010)
Choking (adults)
Choking (children)

Recovery position (From Red Cross site)

1. Place arm nearest to you at a right angle.
2. Move other arm, as shown, with the back of their hand against their cheek. Then get hold of the knee furthest from you and pull up until foot is flat on the floor.
3. Pull the knee towards you, keeping the person’s hand pressed against their cheek, and position the leg at a right angle.
4. Make sure that the airway remains open by tilting the head back and lifting the chin, and check breathing.Snap_2010.11.13_14h27m23s_001.png

Recovery position (MP3 from St John Ambulance)


Resus council guidelines
Anyone with life threatening features (upper airway obstruction, severe brochospasm or shock) needs treatment with adrenaline.

CPR in avalanche victims:

Temp > 32 or burial < 35 minutes then 30 minutes CPR & ALS - if successful transfer to hospital with intensive care
Temp < 32 and burial > 35 minutes:
- if no air pocket no CPR
- if air pocket (or possible one) CPR & ALS

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